Myoko has 2 English speaking ski schools.

Myoko Snowsports has an enviable reputation and gives a high level of service. We can arrange lessons and gear hire with them for you.

Yodel ski school also give lessons in English. We know less about them but they have a reputation for being good for the more advanced skiers and riders.

Both have equipment hire.

SOme of the other nearby resorts also have English speaking ski school.

There are lots of other places that have equipment hire, including at the base of most of the resorts.

When considering hiring equipment you need to remember that the Japanese are much smaller than most westerners. So for example, if you have size 15 feet you are unlikely to find boots in a Japanese hire place.

If you want to buy equipment talk to us as we can help you find the right shops in Tokyo and locally.

Places like 2nd St and Off House have some clothes and equipment and are well worth looking at.

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