Chalet Myoko is located in the region commonly known as Myoko Kogen. Myoko Kogen has some of the best ski resorts in Japan and the region has a reputation for some of the best snow in Japan, even amongst the Japanese. The snow is due to the Northerly winds coming down across the Sea of Japan from Siberia. This means you get storms and big dumps and then a few sunny days.

The area has around 25 different resorts that can be easily accessed from Chalet Myoko with a day trip. 4 of these can be easily accessed by the free shuttle bus that stops at the top of the street with the closest being less than a kilometre away.

Others, like the powder mecca Seki Onsen, can be accessed by regular bus services and paid shuttles. If all goes to plan we will be able to arrange tours to some of the other resorts.

If you have a car, the choice is almost overwhelming.

We have tried to include helpful information in the links below and this section. If you have some questions or suggestions about information to include let us know.

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  • There are over 400 ski resorts in Japan. Whilst most of them are not close enough for a day trip

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  • There are 7 resorts on Mt Myoko. 4 are linked by a shuttle bus and can be easily access from

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  • In the trees at Madarao There are quite a few resorts close enough for an easy day trip. These include Tangram, Madarao, Kurohime. As we

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