When you stay at Chalet Myoko you are spoilt for choice with respect to resorts.

There are 7 resorts actually on Mt Myoko. The main 4 are linked by a shuttle bus and can be easily access from Chalet Myoko. Each of these has its own page but there is a brief summary below.

Then there are several other resorts nearby that are an easy day trip. Some of these you can get to by scheduled bus services or paid shuttle services. Then there are an overwhelming number of resorts you could access with a long day trip if you had a car.

Subject to approval we plan to offer tours to the nearby resorts when there is enough demand. Talk to us about what you would like to do and we will do our best to help.

Akakura Kanko

This is the closest resort and one of our favourites. For more information look at the Akakura Kanko page.


Our other favourite, having a gondola, some great runs up the top and a range of on mountain restaurants.


Just around the mountain from us this resort is well suited to snowboarders keen on the park.

Akakura Onsen

This resorts links in with Akakura Kanko and can be easily accessed from the Akakura Onsen village. We have never skied this resort so cannot really comment on it.

Nearby Resorts

 The other 3 are further North around the mountain and in winter cannot be accessed directly. 2 of these are small resorts suitable for beginners. The 3rd is Seki Onsen, which has an amazing reputation.

Other resorts

There are amny more resorts a bit further away that you could visit if you had a car and were prepared to have a long day trip. These include Nozawa Onsen and Hakuba.