The best way to get to Myoko Kogen depends on where you are coming from, time of year, time of day and the resources you have available to you. The main options are, by train, by bus, by shuttle, by taxi and by car.

More explicit details are contained in the relevant sections but as a generalisation:

  • if you are coming from overseas and flying in to Narita your best options are train, shuttle or taxi.
  • if you are coming from Tokyo you best option is by train or bus.
  • if you have access to a car you can use Japan's toll roads and get of the Myoko Kogen interchange
  • if you are transferring from other resorts you can either use a shuttle service or catch public transport such as buses and trains.
  • Whilst Myoko Kogen is a powder mecca there are lots of other things to do. So if you want a break or your companion is not so keen on the snow we can provide some

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  • Myoko Kogen has numerous onsen. The easiest one to get to and use is at the Landmark Cafe up at Ikenotaira. If you have a Mt Myoko season pass this one is included on the

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  • There are lots of restaurants in the Myoko area. As we get to know the area we will list our favourites here.We do not have a relationship with any of them and gain no benefit

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