Mt Myoko

Myoko is a region in Niigata prefecture Japan. It has a justifiable reputation as being one of the snowiest places in Japan. This is because of its ideal location; moist sea breezes come in off the Sea of Japan to the west and are cooled by the peaks. In 2012 it snowed 4 metres in 3 days; visitors love the waist deep powder and fantastic choice of runs.

Chalet Myoko is the ultimate accommodation in Akakura for those who want to be close to everything, yet enjoy the privacy and flexibility of self-contained living. Our staff can recommend nearby restaurants and attractions off the slopes. Take a look at our Other Things To Do page for some ideas.

The area has numerous ski resorts. Choose from Tangram Ski Circus with its impressive vertical drop, Madarao Kogen with its stunning views and several lifts, Myoko Ski Park with its convenient facilities for families, and Akakan Ski Resort with its impressive runs for skiers of all ability levels. There’s also Seki Onsen, known for attracting ‘powder hounds’, Myoko Suginohara with its long cruisy trails, and Ikenotaira Onsen with its bonus snowboard facilities. Rounding out the top nine is Akakura Onsen, also the largest resort in the area. Akakura ski resorts have a long history as well, once favoured by the Royal Family of Japan.  There are also lots of restaurants, shops and other local attractions. A day trip to see the snow monkeys is always fun.

When people talk about Myoko with respect to skiing and snowboarding, they usually mean the Mt Myoko ski resorts. For information about the local ski resorts look under Skiing and Snowboarding.

  • Whilst Myoko Kogen is a powder mecca there are lots of other things to do. So if you want a break or your companion is not so keen on the snow we can provide some

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  • Myoko Kogen has numerous onsen. The easiest one to get to and use is at the Landmark Cafe up at Ikenotaira. If you have a Mt Myoko season pass this one is included on the

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  • There are lots of restaurants in the Myoko area. As we get to know the area we will list our favourites here.We do not have a relationship with any of them and gain no benefit

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